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Take stock for xmas

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Here is a 6 point checklist to work through as soon as possible to get ahead for Christmas:


  • Check back on your sales data from last year – what sold well, what didn’t?

  • What are the 2020 consumer buying trends?

  • Make sure you have made enough stock.


  • Make a plan including traditional marketing activity and social media activity.

  • Create a gift guide showcasing your products.

  • Feature key products in videos and reels to grab a buyer’s attention. (Anything interactive is much more powerful and therefore effective).

  • We can help with increasing your followers, likes and engagement levels, provide great photography and videos or just help plan your posts and themes. Call us on 07900 490318l. It’s not too late to make a difference.


  • Ensure you have seasonal packaging that is in keeping with the style of your brand.

  • Perhaps have some branded boxes or tissue paper, sticker or gift cards.

  • Show some exciting images of this on your social media pages.

  • Could you offer a gift wrapping service and include a personalised message?

Design & Photography

  • Make sure that across everything you do, you keep the communication consistent. Choose your Christmas message, look and feel, including style, fonts, colours and don’t deviate.

  • Ensure your product photography looks professional. This is one of the key reasons that consumers do/don’t click to buy.

  • We offer a very reasonable product photography service and can help to make sure your creations look their best. Please send us an email if you would like to discuss how we can help you improve the look and appeal of your products.


  • Are all your details correct across all channels?

  • Check your phone numbers on Facebook and Instagram etc are current and working.

  • Is your address and postcode correct online, on your website, social media, google maps?

  • Is your email correct?

  • Do you regularly check for messages and in your spam folder? It’s so frustrating as a customer to not hear back from someone you want to buy from and it's also lost revenue to you. But more importantly the customer will tell friends and family (and sometimes post on social media too) about how disappointing the customer service was. This is, of course, can be extremely damaging to your business.

  • Make sure you post any testimonials from happy customers on your social media pages and on your website if you have one. They are very powerful and effective at encouraging new buyers to try your products. Especially when everyone lives locally they feel as though they can trust one another more.


  • Be clear about your delivery timelines and ordering deadlines. Do not over promise!

  • Have you got a returns policy? What is it?

  • Be clear and make sure your customers are clear too!

This is only a brief checklist. There are lots of other things to consider but you have to start somewhere and keep it manageable! Try to get organised in plenty of time as this will not only allow you to feel in control but also enable you to find time to organise (and enjoy) your own Christmas!

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