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Shop Small and Make a Big Difference

At the weekend, Emily Cronin from the Daily Telegraph wrote about the importance of buying local and investing in a "real" person.

According to a Yougov survey over the summer, over 63% of us said that as a result of the crisis we are making a more concentrated effort to support local buisnesses and buy locally made.

Anytime Artisan has been set up for this very reason. With the usual markets and school Christmas fairs sadly unable to take place, we wanted to provide a platform to enable local people to find the amazing artisans we have in our local community.

Being able to collect something the same day or the next day from a local crafts person is also very handy when you suddenly need a last minute gift (I speak from many an experience!). It also means we can avoid the use of big, environmentally unfriendly courier companies and expensive delivery costs. Plus the gifts are so much lovelier when you know who made them.

If you are a buyer please take a "scroll" through our virtual "stalls", showcasing a wonderful collection of artisans, to see their fabulous creations. If you are an artisan and would like to join us and have a virtual “stall” please complete our “Join us” form on our website.

Live Local. Love Local.

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