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Five finishing touches!

The way your gifts look is the first impression someone has of the gift they are about to receive. (this could work against you depending on the gift!!) Not only that but the presents will look gorgeous under your tree! If you are really OCD, then you can make sure that your gift wraps ties in with your Christmas decoration colour theme too!!

There are so many wonderful ways to add that special touch to your gift, without spending lots of time or money and in addition, they will all add to the homemade/handmade artisan nature of your gifting this year.

1. Furoshiki, is the traditional Japanese way of wrapping gifts in special cloth. It not only looks gorgeous but it can be re-used, so it's environmentally friendly too. Use old shirts or other items of clothing that you can cut up and reuse for wrapping.

2. Let it snow!

Cut out some simple but super effective paper snowflakes to embellish your gift wrapping.

3. Reduce, reuse, recycle!

I’m sure you many occasionally have one of these empty Pringles tubes! They are the perfect way to gift some homemade cookies. Carefully clean out the inside and then cover the outside of the tube with some festive wrap. (Bonus - you get to eat all the Pringles beforehand!)

4. Why not weave!

A simple but stylish use of ribbon for your gifts. Use a lattice design and weave the ribbon across the top of your present. Keep ribbon and paper the same colour tone for an understated look, or go bold and use lots of different coloured ribbons to shout about your gift!

5. An initial thought

We love this idea – not only is it a gift tag, it makes it so easy to see whose present is who under the tree! We are definitely trying this out this year! Cut out monograms in card and glue sparkly wrapping onto them or use glitter and glue directly onto the card. Alternatively you can add rhinestones for that extra special sparkle under the tree.

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