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A picture is worth a thousand words, but a memory is priceless!

A picture is worth a thousand words, as they say and it is certainly true now more than ever before. Our memories of happy times, places and events are key to us and to our loved ones too. One of our talented artisans "Pete Sketches", creates wonderful unique artwork of places that are near to us and dear to us and will bring back memories that will last forever.


Give a gift of a special place captured forever in a picture. Whilst it might not be possible to be there in person, share a memory of happier times. For the local rugby player or fan, we have the perfect present - a framed one off picture of Farnham Rugby Club.

Farnham Rugby Club



For those new students or graduates who were unable to have their graduation ceremony, Pete creates wonderful pictures of UK universities. A unique and personal gift recreating wonderful memories for the recipient. Truly a gift handmade from the heart.

UCA Farnham


Bristol University



Homes can bring back many memories for people and Pete can create a picture of your home or a previous home for you or a loved one. Perhaps somewhere you were born, your parents' first house, your grandparents house, a holiday home that you have been unable to visit this year. All are personal and unique to you.


A very special place for many reasons. Somewhere you, your parents or friends got married. A place where you or your children or godchildren were christened perhaps. Such beautiful buildings too which are wonderfully recreated by Pete with ink and watercolour and can be framed or unframed.

Frensham Parish Church

Give the gift of happy memories. Handmade from the heart.

Live Local. Love Local

Contact Pete via his virtual stall - Pete Sketches

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