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The Woodcraft Shack


I've always loved working with wood and discovered many years ago that I was quite a handy carpenter and wood turner although I didn't make a career from it. I made furniture when I was younger but after I retired I found I got more pleasure from making smaller items like fruit bowls and miniature bird boxes. I was born in Fleet and all my wood is locally sourced making it, in my opinion, extra special and to hopefully give the owner pleasure for years to come.

The Woodcraft Shack


My Creations...

Everything you see is made by hand and all timbers are clearly marked. There will always be some movement as wood is organic but, in my opinion, this adds to the beauty and I like to think that some of the energy is retained from when it was still in its natural environment.

This is my first attempt at selling my items but I have many happy recipients of gifts over the years.

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I am available seven days a week in most cases and would aim to reply to emails with the hour.

I can offer same day collection (or delivery within five miles) and will offer free postage on smaller items and a minimal charge on the heavier items.

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