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Smile Ingi


Hi, I'm Aimee!

I consider myself to be a 'creative multi-tool' and would love to share my creative spirit with you all. As a Graphic Designer and Marketeer, I set up Smile Ingi as an outlet for my other creative projects.
Originally this was to sell the children's craft kits that I made during lockdown 1. This has inspired me to be more creative and I have been learning and developing new skills throughout the summer.
Also, I’m left handed, and can write neatly!

Smile Ingi

Aimee Smith

My Creations...

My mission is to make people smile with my creations. All of my products are handmade and unique. I want everyone to feel a little joy in receiving small gifts or even treating themselves.
I make beanbags, craft kits, lavender bags, gift tags, bookmarks, jewellery and much more!
Some items are made to order, such as the gift tags. Others like my beanbags, are completely individual, no one beanbag is the same as another.
I would love to receive bespoke requests if you feel inspired to do so.

"Really love the items I received from Smile Ingi. The lavender bags are cute and I loved the designs on the embossed labels, they will be perfect for Christmas!" Maddie S

Shop with Me

Open 7 days a week

Delivery and collection available, timescales depend on the item purchased as some are made to order.

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