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My first masters were Native American craftsmen, as a goldsmith I learned the tricks of the profession from Ludvig Rezső, an expert in the Hungarian Holy Crown.


Zsofia Gal

My Creations...

My style is a special mixture of Native American and Hungarian jewelry making. I am a goldsmith by profession, but I prefer durable natural materials in my work. I like to give more to my customers than just a piece of jewellery. At my returning customers, I often come across their adored jewellery for 15-20 years

"Gorgeous leather bracelet for my son. Just what I have been looking for" - Helen

Shop with Me

I can respond to all inquiries that day until 8 p.m. I will deliver within 3 days. In case of making a unique piece of jewelry, I can send it within a maximum of 10 days, but in any case according to our agreement

Over £ 20 I will post free within the country in first class

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