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Pete Sketches


With a business background, I never thought I would have any aptitude for art, yet when I drew a building as a little present for a friend in 2017 I discovered that I was comfortable with both perspective and composition and took it from there. Self-taught, I don’t bother with repetitive detail or architectural accuracy. Instead, I focus on capturing the atmosphere and feeling of the street.

Pete Sketches

Peter Gillespie

My Creations...

My sketches are mainly of the built environment, featuring interesting street scenes or buildings, ideally with movement and shadows. They are always A3 or A4, drawn directly in ink before applying watercolours. No pencils or rulers, ever! My paper is usually 300gsm – Arches, Fabriano or Khadi Papers – and for the ink I use either a fude pen or my own yew or cypress twigs. I work very fast – but the problem is knowing when to stop!

“Peter’s urban sketches have an energy and unique style that I love” – Linda M

Shop with Me

Open 7 days a week from 9am – 7pm.

Same day delivery and collection available for completed pieces. Commissions also taken and delivery details will be arranged accordingly to suit.

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