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Pen’Ny’s Inspirations


Penny is Trinidadian and specialised in the Health and Well Being Industry. It was working in the rehab clinics that really opened her eyes on how powerful massage truly is. This led her to persuing her career as a massage therapist, living in France until a life tidal wave hit and she decided to develop her creativity in 2012. In 2016 her art therapist offered Penny to put a brush in her left hand. Since then Penny has developed her own style painting with a brush in both hands.

Pen’Ny’s Inspirations

Penelope Nanton

My Creations...

‘It’s not what you see, it’s how you feel what you see’. Personalised commissions are available as well as prints. Depending on the commission work can be done within in two weeks.

‘Seeing your work has brightened my day’ Sophie W, ‘ The painting has made our house feel so warm and filled a space that has been empty for many years’ Alan N

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Depending on location and if orders are personalised or not... location within a 15 -20 miles delivery can be arranged for free.

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