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Our brand new snack bars are based on a traditional Indian recipe and have been created with lots of love and passion by ourselves, Surinder and Sharon. As cousins, we have grown up together and using our passion for cooking and our Indian heritage, we have created the first chickpea based snack bar in the UK. Our recipe has been passed down the generations and is packed with goodness. It is full of chickpeas, flaxseeds, melon and poppy seeds, coconut oil, dates and a little unrefined Indian sugar. The high fibre, natural protein and good fats are a great way to keep you going between meals.


Surinder Thomas & Sharon Thandi

My Creations...

We have taken care to ensure that everyone can enjoy Hiya snack bars, as not only are they vegan, gluten free and all natural, but we have no refined sugars, additives or preservatives and do not include any of the 14 allergens in our ingredients.
There are 5 exciting flavours inspired by Indian spices – fennel, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon and cacao (a cheeky addition because we all love chocolate!) Not only does HIYA taste great, it looks great too; with our bright packaging, inspired by the vibrant colours of India, you can easily find us on the shelf!

"They are so good everyone should know about them." Laura B

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