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Amongst the Gorse


Like so many people, when the pandemic hit I was forced to stop rushing around, and actually got a chance to sit and think about where I wanted to be. The timing finally felt right for me to combine my two passions - art and history - to create something I feel proud of every day. And so was born Amongst the Gorse, where I draw upon my knowledge and skills as an artist and combine it with folklore, England's forgotten history, and even throw in the odd creepy folk song to boot!

Amongst the Gorse

Thirzah Bragg

My Creations...

Using a vintage hand-cranked Singer sewing machine, I combine lustrous silks with real copper to create pieces that echo medieval illuminated manuscripts, as well as the early 20th century Arts and Crafts movement. I supply a mixture of made-to-order, personalised, and ready-made pieces, and I aim to dispatch personalised orders within 24 hours of ordering. I am also open to custom orders - let me know your idea and I'd love to work with you to create a design!

"My niece's beautiful 'M' has just arrived safely in the USA, and she was delighted with it! Many thanks" - Margaret E

Shop with Me

I am officially available to contact Monday-Friday between 10am and 6pm, although I am actually busy "making" all week long, so if you contact at other times I will try and reply as soon as I am able! I am not available after 8pm.

I aim to have items posted the day after order although, depending on workload, they are often posted day-of. I am happy to hand-deliver locally and can support same-day delivery/collection when possible.

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