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I’m Jen, of All-Agog, and I am passionate about textiles and upcycling. I repurpose plastic taster glasses that are destined for the rubbish bin and turn them into mini lampshades on a string of fairy lights.

If you’re wondering where the name comes from, it packs a triple whammy – as it is a synonym of my surname (Keen), it means 'in high spirits', and also refers to my hailing from North Wales – and so am all 'a Gog' – a colloquialism derived from the Welsh ‘Gogledd’, meaning North.


Jen Keen

My Creations...

My glasses are donated from other local businesses including juice makers, wineries and cider makers who would prefer their plastic to stay out of landfill.

I do custom lights to order too, and USB plugged sets, and can even use your own special fabric, so please contact me if you would like a particular colour combination or fabric.

"These fairy lights are so pretty! Really beautiful and unique with a lovely vintage feel. Made and packaged which such love and care. Thank you!" Leisa H

Shop with Me

9-5 Mon-Fri (though respond pretty much anytime)

£3.95 p&p - I post first class

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